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Fieldwork Management

UK or worldwide, we recruit the users, organise facilities and take care of logistics to support your researchers in the field

Fieldwork Management

Amberlight’s Fieldwork Management team has unparalleled experience of assisting researchers in the field.

We can create targeted screening materials to reliably identify users from target audiences, especially niche groups. Our global network of partners allows us to recruit participants, book research venues and schedule research efficiently almost anywhere in the world.

Our fieldwork services allow product teams to mobilise customer research quickly and cost-efficiently during design. Amberlight’s Fieldwork Manager can take care of all the logistics for a client research team such as venue hire, payment of incentives, etc.

We’ve also helped our clients identify, engage and recruit hard-to-access target audience members and create ‘panel’ databases for long-term and repeated engagements.

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UX Talent

We have an extensive virtual bench of associated, validated UX practitioners you can draw upon to fill gaps in your team on a short term, long term or permanent basis.
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Behavioural Design and Change

The challenge of designing for human beings is the same whether you are designing a technology product, a HR process or a public campaign.
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Organisational Change

Your users’ experiences are unlikely to improve If your organisational practices work against good design. Amberlight helps organisations structure themselves to foster sustainable innovation and creativity
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