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Behavioural Design and Change

The challenge of designing for human beings is the same whether you are designing a technology product, a HR process or a public campaign.

Behaviour Design and Change

We apply the same techniques used in design research to understand how policies, processes and communications could be created, improved or adapted, to promote behaviour change in teams and individuals within an organisation.

We offer research and design intervention projects to help your organisation understand the contexts, motivations, attitudes and conditions required to achieve behaviour change and then measure the effectiveness and value of enabling that change.

Organisational Change

Your users’ experiences are unlikely to improve if your organisational practices work against good design. Amberlight helps organisations structure themselves to foster sustainable innovation and creativity
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User Experience Insight

In as little as one week we can provide you with user insights that will prevent costly design mistakes
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Interaction Design

We can help you create user-centred experiences through a range of hands-on design services: everything from visualising early concepts and use cases right through to delivering full user interface designs for build..
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